Custom Coolant Tank Design

A coolant tank was mechanical design services per the client’s requirement. We carefully considered the client’s requirements, keeping them involved and discussing at every stage of the design process. Furthermore, based on the client’s requirements, multiple design solutions were provided to the client after our team brainstormed different ideas. Furthermore, we guided the client in choosing the best possible design according to their requirements. A 3D design model was made according to the client’s requirements, and the CAD model was shared with the client before its fabrication.

In addition, we considered the availability of required items in the local market and used machining operations to minimize costs. This helped us create an easily manufacturable design that meets all client requirements. We carefully selected the design material based on its corrosion resistance and durability to ensure longevity. 

Regarding custom coolant tank design, our mechanical design services offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs. We understand that efficient cooling systems are crucial for various industries, from automotive to manufacturing. Additionally, our team works closely with clients to analyze requirements and devise innovative designs that optimize performance and durability. We use advanced CAD software and engineering expertise to meticulously craft every aspect of the coolant tank including its shape and material selection, to enhance functionality and reliability. These designs aim to enhance functionality and reliability.

However, we determined the tank capacity based on the system’s needs, as requested by the client. We carefully positioned the inlet and outlet ports to optimize coolant flow and installed level indicators to simplify system maintenance. We strengthened the tank structure using bolts with an efficient sealing mechanism to prevent failure and leakage. Throughout the mechanical design services process, we informed the client to ensure that the end product was unique and potentially patentable; this ensured the durability of the mechanical design.

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