Router Base Plate

A router base plate plays an important role in wood-cutting operations. It provides a stable platform and enhances the versatility and precision of routers, ultimately increasing the working efficiency of craftsmen and technicians. We designed a router base plate to meet the client’s requirements. We carefully considered their needs, involving them throughout the mechanical design services process and discussing results at every stage. Based on the client’s requirements, multiple design solutions were provided to the client after our team brainstormed different ideas. Then, the client was guided to choose the best possible design according to their requirements.

We crafted a 3D model according to the client’s needs and shared the CAD model prior to fabrication. The design considered local market availability and minimized costs with optimal machining operations. As a result, we developed easy mechanical design services that met all the client’s requirements.

We design the base plate with strategically placed holes to accommodate router models. A lever at the plate’s end allows safe use for cutting operations. Additionally, the flexible handle accommodates users of all heights and allows hand movements during operations. 

We chose aluminum for the plate because of its durability and lightweight properties. The lightweight saves shipping costs both from manufacturer to the product owner’s warehouse, and the warehouse to a customer address. We conduct In-depth structural and stress analysis on the design to ensure it can withstand applied loads without failing.

We paid attention to every aspect of the design to ensure ease of manufacturing, demonstrating adherence to the principles of design for manufacturing. A 3D CAD model was first designed to ensure precision and accuracy. A CAD model enables the engineers to visualize the design before manufacturing it to sort out any design oversight, which saves manufacturing costs and ensures good product quality. Its unique design allows for patenting, safeguarding intellectual property and demonstrating the design’s novelty.

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