Maintenance Platform

We designed a maintenance platform to enhance safety and efficiency for maintenance work on various machinery and buildings at significant heights. Throughout the mechanical design services process, we prioritized the client’s requirements, maintaining communication and discussing results at each stage. We guided the client in choosing the best design that suited their requirements. Similarly, we created a 3D model of the design based on their needs and shared the CAD model with them before fabrication.

Moreover, by employing optimal machining methods to cut costs, we achieved an easily manufacturable design meeting all client needs. Attention to detail was paramount, ensuring smooth manufacturing and adherence to design for manufacturing principles. Mild steel reinforces the design’s structural integrity, ensuring durability, strength, and resilience to withstand challenging conditions.

Our maintenance platform, designed with precision engineering, ensures safety and efficiency in maintenance tasks. Additionally, featuring hydraulic jack and pedal mechanisms, technicians can easily adjust its height for various operations, making it suitable for both ground-level and aerial maintenance tasks, up to 5 feet high. Every aspect of our maintenance platform is meticulously crafted, with mild steel reinforcing its structural integrity. This ensures durability, strength, and resilience, allowing it to withstand challenging conditions without compromise; that ensures the capability.

However, we utilize a hydraulic jack and pedal mechanism, allowing technicians to effortlessly raise and lower the platform for safe and efficient use. The platform can reach a height of 5 feet and is suitable for aircraft and helicopter maintenance operations. We conduct thorough structural and stress analysis to ensure the design can withstand loads without failure.  Thus, a 3D CAD model was first designed to ensure precision and accuracy and enable the engineers to visualize the design before manufacturing. Its unique mechanical design services allow for patenting, safeguarding intellectual property and confirming the design’s novelty.

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